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Sunday September 15th 2019

12:00PM - 5:00PM

​Zilker Lodge

2225 Andrew Zilker Road

Austin, Texas 78746

What makes you shine? What sets your soul on fire? How do you spark your creativity?

Fuel your passion at this is one-of-a-kind leadership retreat. Choose from 7 immersive, playful experiences to explore your unique and leadership style.

Blaze a trail for yourself to feel more consistently inspired, motivated, and focused by sharing your gifts. Our expert creators will guide you to experience more creativity, imagination, excitement and wonder in your everyday life! 


You have a bold, bright, flame that can illuminate your path. Are you ready to ignite it?



  • General admission to Bold and Bright Fest 2019

  • Choose from 7 inspiring, life-changing experiences

  • Soul Spa Journal

  • Healthy Snacks

  • Swag Bag with wellness goodies

  • Ticket sales support low-income youth at Austin Sunshine Camps




12:00 PM  |  Check-in

12:30 PM  |  Welcome
 1:00 PM  |  Round One Sessions 
2:00 PM  |  Round Two Sessions
3:00 PM  |  Round Three Sessions
4:00 PM  |  Fireside Chat 



Session details below!




Play creative games and activities


Shop for bold and bright tools 


Move, dance, and explore art 


Grab some  snacks


Share your passion to make an impact


Find more clarity to take action



Unleash Your SoulFull BadAss Bestie

Discover how loving your unique, Inner BadAss Bestie will help you set healthy boundaries and elevate your success. Explore soulfull tools to connect with your inner guidance, align divine energy, reveal inspired action and become your own bestie hero. Unleash your badass soul power in every aspect of life! Play The Soul Spa Card Game and create art as a reminder of your SoulFull BadAss self! 

Janifer Wheeler Headshot


Connect and Inspire with "Sparked"

Vivian Best.jpg

Grab a wand, spin the spinner, and spark up a conversation! Connect with your fellow trailblazers on a deeper level with Sparked, a conversation game. Discuss topics like inspiration, love, passion, opportunity, happiness, gratitude, generosity, and adventure. Share a sizzling story, share a secret and dive into those burning questions in a safe, supportive, inclusive environment. Ignite your authentic voice and shine brighter together!


Vivian Best

The Rhythm Celebration Circle

Suzy Bertran.png

Tap into your highest vibration with an illuminating drum circle experience. Stimulate your senses and unleash your creativity with rhythm games and exercises. Express yourself with a powerful ritual that's fired up tribes throughout the ages. Beat to your own drum or go with the flow - you get to choose your musical adventure. No musical experience necessary!

Suzy bertran

The Elements of Soul, Body, and Mind Awakening

Joyce Brown.jpg

Explore all of the elements through the power of subconscious movement. Discover if your dominant element is fire, earth, water or air and how that element influences your mannerisms. Feel the subtle physical sensations in your body through imaginative, visceral, exercises inspired by yoga and reiki. Use the power of sense memory to find more clarity in your purpose, embody your unique gifts, and connect to your inner wisdom. Your body has all the answers  - and you can tap into its language!

joyce brown

Fuel The Flame with qoya

Stacy Quast.png

Dance your way to your fiery truth. Remember your wise, wild and free essence through the movement system of Qoya. Open your heart, empower your hips and free your mind to express your creativity instead of suppressing it. Experience a transformative shamanic journey while dancing freely to modern music. Discover how to unleash the burning passion within you - more consistently and playfully. No dance ability required! 

stacy quast


Jean Berry Headshot Intuitive Game Devel

Become a leader on fire through the power of intuition and play! Building a tribe takes more than your just practical brain. This play shop will help you access and open up your full brilliance and inner genius - while having fun! Access your truth by playing a game, coloring, moving and collaborating. Walk away with burning magical clarity, action steps to pursue your big dreams, and innovative tools and modalities to roll forward with more ease than you would have ever imagined!

Jean berry

illuminate your heart beats

Lil Brie Brie Listen To Your Heart Beats

Do you feel empowered listening to your favorite music? Have you ever wanted your own theme song? Prepare for a vibration elevation and tune into your motivation station. (W)Rap up BBF with a fireside chat and immersive musical collaboration. Reflect on the themes explored throughout the day and discover the most impactful message for the group as whole. By tapping into the power of poetry, rhythm and sound, we'll craft a one-of-a-kind musical mantra together. We'll amplify what it means to honor our fire and connect with our inner rock stars!

Alli Blotter - Lil Brie BRie

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