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About BBF

beING B.o.l.d.

Bold and Bright Fest is an interactive leadership retreat and immersive experience that features life-changing games for game-changers. When we play together, we grow together.


BBF was founded in 2018 by Event Marketing Consultant, Copywriter and Family-Friendly Comedic Rapper, Alli Blotter. She had a burning desire to combine her love of theatrics with the principles of conscious living. Her mission is to make the personal growth journey as much fun as possible.


Alli began to collect and promote mindfulness tools. The more she gamified her journey, the more her collaborations and connections expanded. She partnered with mission-driven organizations, life coaches, healers, light workers and fellow creatives to expand their tribes. With these resources, Alli developed a formula to activate her own divine feminine leadership skills.


Bold and Bright Fest invites dreamers and leaders to ignite the bold, bright, fire that shines within us all. Through immersive game play, visionaries can expand their unique talents and blaze new trails together.






"It's freakin scary to own your truth! It takes courage to choose your own path every day.

By imagining that each day is a game, I've discovered new aspects of my own creative power. I've learned to live in the moment more and celebrate every tiny victory. I've learned to trust my intuition, hone my talents and laugh at my mistakes.

I created an environment for those who identify as women to explore creativity and imagination, take bigger risks, unleash their soul gifts, and expand into bolder, brighter beacons of love - together. "

Bold and Bright Fest Founder Alli Blotter

-Alli Blotter | Bold and Bright Fest Founder

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