Illuminate Your Ideas

Bring your vision to life.

 Audio-visuals evoke deep emotional responses and demand more attention than any other medium. 

Share your message and captivate your audience with engaging media. 

Illustrate your ideas with explainer videos. I can help you communicate complex concepts or provide step-by-step instructions with engaging characters and scenes.
Animated Explainer Video Austin Texas
Website Samples
Animated Explainer Video Austin Texas Infographic
Jean Berry's Miracle Mastery Game Animated Video by Alli Blotter

  • Script Writing and Editing

  • Stock photos

  • Motion graphics

  • Custom characters

  • Sound effects

  • Voice over and music

  • Editing

Tell your story with professional acting and voice over services. With over 15 years of acting experience, I'll adopt your perspective for film and live events.
Brand Journalist, Alli Blotter, interviews filmmakers at Austin Film Festival
Equal Pay Activist Austin Texas
Smart Comedic Talent Actress Austin Texas

  • Acting and performing

  • Interviewing and hosting

  • Stunts and action

  • Voice over

  • Character impressions

  • Comedy and stand-up

  • Rapping


Create an immersive experience and bring your audience into your your world. I partner with Dana Rasmussen Visuals and Emily Alien Media to provide full-scale film production services.

Conscious Rapper Female Rapper Austin Texas Rap Lyrics
Brand Journalist On Camera Talent Actress Austin Texas
Texas Business Women Recap Video of Texas Conference for Women 2017

  • Location scouting and casting

  • Camera/lighting equipment 

  • Sound recording and mixing

  • Editing and color correction

  • Titles and graphics

  • Set design and props

  • Directing and producing

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