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About Alli Blotter Multidimensional Event Marketing Consultant Austin Texas Light Painting
Fuscia Sound Waves Austin Texas Event.png
Fuscia Sound Waves Austin Texas Event.png
Fuscia Sound Waves Austin Texas Event.png

Nature exists as a field of waves.

Color appears as wavelengths. Music appears as sound waves.

We heat food with microwaves. We swim in ocean waves.

We ride the ups and downs of the journey of life. 

We even greet one another with a wave!

A wave moves energy from one place to another. 

Marketing Consultants help leaders move from point A to point B efficiently.

Content Managers communicate messages from one creator to another.

Event Coordinators connect experts with audiences eager to learn.

I'm Alli Blotter. I wear many hats and I like to merge waves.

The Meaning of
AB Resonance

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"Resonance" is a term that describes what happens when a sound or light wave hits an object. If the wave's frequency matches the object's frequency, then resonance happens and amplitude increases. Simply put, if we're vibrating at the same frequency, I can help you amplify your brand and shine brighter. Together, we'll speak more truths, shine light on core social issues, and create a more balanced, harmonious, sustainable world for us all.

How do we know if we're on the same frequency? Well, I like to try new things. I like to dive into the unknown and I've made friends with uncertainty. I've been through crests and troughs and every wave has made me more resilient. I love to learn, explore, and help innovators discover more about themselves.

About Alli Blotter AB Resonance Alli Blotter Enterprises LLC Marketing Consultant Austin T

If you're ready to feel the same and make some waves, let's light the way. 

Fuscia Sound Waves Austin Texas Event.png
Fuscia Sound Waves Austin Texas Event.png
Fuscia Sound Waves Austin Texas Event.png

AB Expertise

CVent Event Management Certification Aus


Certified Event Manager

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LinkedIn ProFinder

2017 Top Copywriter

HubSpot Academy Email Marketing Certifie

HubSpot Academy

Email Marketing Certified


UnIncubator | Women In Impact

Marketing Mentor


Dale Carnegie 

High Impact Presentations

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Entrepreneur Center of Austin

High Impact Marketing

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UNC Wilmington

BA in Theatre | Journalism

Trusty Oak

Marketing Strategy Implementation

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As an INFJ Scorpio, I have a natural curiosity for exploring complex systems. I love sorting through the chaos and discovering emerging patterns.

I help leaders clarify what matters most and then create a step-by-step action plan toward that vision.


I tackle campaign management with a balance of abstract and concrete solutions. 


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With over 20 years of writing experience, I love the poetic power of prose!

craft instructional and engaging 

narratives that shift perspectives and inspire action. My favorite topics include leadership, psychology, science, health and wellness, and education.


I particularly enjoy writing for social impact leaders and organizations. The pioneers who cultivate community with innovative ideas and systems.  


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Alli Blotter Immersive Event Founder Bold and Bright Fest Trailblazer Austin Texas.jpg

In 2018, I combined my love of theatrics with my admiration for my most playful clients. Bold and Bright Fest was born.

Our annual women's leadership event ignited intuition, sparked creativity and fueled passion through immersive experiences. We hosted life-changing-games for game-changers.

I love exploring innovative field and experimental event concepts.