Share Your Story with LinkedIn

Your life is an epic story! You’ve overcome obstacles, celebrated triumphs and learned lessons. Your professional journey is one for the books and your audience can’t wait to join you on your ride!


Learn how to define your unique brand and share your story on LinkedIn. Discover how to embrace your character, focus on your target, craft an effective summary, highlight professional experience and own your personal path.

Entrepreneurs and job seekers can outrank 75% of their competition on LinkedIn with the power of storytelling. Enjoy the benefits of an All-Star profile, an increase in engagement, a stronger connection with your professional network, and a solid understanding of your deep, deep why.

As a LinkedIn Career Advice Community Mentor and Best Profinder Professional of 2017, I specialize in transforming the LinkedIn experience. Heart-centered entrepreneurs.can have more fun sharing authentic stories. 

LinkedIn Evaluations

Optimize your profile with an in-depth LinkedIn Evaluation. I'll go through your profile with a fine-toothed comb and determine if your profile supports your brand and goals. I'll measure your success based on how effectively your headline, photo, summary and experience communicate your value.

After the evaluation, I'll provide action steps on how to improve your profile and/or edit it directly. You'll enjoy the benefits of an All-Star profile, an increase in engagement and a stronger professional network.


This was such an inspirational LinkedIn lecture on how to market yourself…Anyone who wants to communicate in an engaging manner that inspires action, whether it be a conversation or more, will enjoy learning more about her and what she has to offer. Thank you Alli! 

Jessica Clarke at It’s Just Living. 

If you are not making LinkedIn work for you, don't miss this session. Alli is entertaining and a hoot. Make sure this is on your schedule. 

Jeff Kikel at T-Werx