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Galactivation Astrology Solutions

Activate decisions and create new realities

with big picture solutions







   When you arrive at a crossroad, what do you see? 

   Which direction will lead to your destination?



How do you know which path to focus on?  



How will your choice influence future crossroads?  

















When you enter unknown territory, you can always try looking up.













The solar system is a compass.

The stars and planets reflect guidance that’s already inside you.

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Dimensions of Astrology

Astrology is the study of how celestial movement influences our lives. Astrology exits as both a thematic language and a geometric tool. The language reflects how our collective consciousness grows. Astrology invites us to explore how 12+ dimensions shape the decision-making process.


An astrology chart is a snapshot of where the planets were positioned at a certain day and time. The geometric relationships between the planets reflect how we experience different dimensions during major changes.

By translating the language of astrology, I guide trailblazers through powerful transition periods including launching start-ups, rebranding campaigns, and developing live and virtual events.

have been studying astrology for over 15 years and geometry for over 20. I experience astrology as a language with many dialects including... 


  • Tropical and Sidereal

  • Placidus and Whole Sign House

  • Heliocentric and Geocentric

  • Fixed Stars, Asteroids, Planetary Nodes 

  • Human Design, Gene Keys, iChing

  • Eastern and Western 


I incorporate principles from quantum physics, comparative mythology and intuition into my interpretations. My training includes Shamanic Astrology with Terry Morgan and the International Human Design School.

Human Design Rave Mandala astrolgy natal chart reading for Andromeda star seed manifesting generator entrepreneurs IChing Austin Texas

While I believe the principles in each individual system are not comprehensive, I combine insights from each one to generate unique meta perspectives. I especially enjoy translating charts for fixed sign-dominant manifesting generators. I find inspiration from a variety of astrologers including Sabrina Monarch, Tannaz Chubb, Chani Nichols, and the founders of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency.

Astrology Consulting Services

I interpret geometry and multidimensional themes to help trailblazers navigate uncharted territory. Based on your unique mission, I translate your natal chart into concrete actions steps. I design playful and practical tools for decision-making, skill-mastery and resource management.

 Unlock Your Rocket

Purple Rocketship Moon Astrologist Andromeda Starseed Austin Texas

Feeling stuck and need a quick boost?


The obstacle that's blocking your path may actually be a vault door. When you crack your code and unlock the vault door, you can hop on your rocket toward new possibilities.  


Receive instant clarity and gain new perspective into your current reality. Transform professional obstacles into expansive growth opportunities by sharpening your focus and listening to your inner hacker/astronaut. Confidently propel forward by taking decisive action.


  • 1-hour Zoom call to crack your birth code and unlock your vault

  • Translate major aspects in Tropical natal chart in relation to current transits. 

  • Tropical Natal Chart

  • Zoom Recording

Spark Phoenix


Phoenix Flying Sun Graphic Andromeda Starseed Astrologist Austin Texas

Ready to soar higher and shine brighter? 


Tap into your creative skills and transformational powers by exploring your soul's unique blueprint. Discover how your current transition is a puzzle piece in your long-term trajectory as a trailblazer. Learn how to use your soul gifts to rise from the ashes and ignite inspiration. 

*Reading is adaptable for new borns and children


  • 2-hour Zoom call to navigate your renaissance and spark explosive growth

  • Translate major aspects in Tropical and Sidereal natal charts, plus learn Human Design strategy and authority. 

  • Tropical and Sidereal Natal Charts

  • Human Design Chart

  • Zoom Recording

Marketing Consulting

Committed to long-term expansion?


Create structured routines for evolution with consistent strategy consulting. Maintain momentum through challenging transitions with event management technical advisory, marketing campaign consulting and astrological inspired coaching. Ride the waves of the transits with creative brainstorming, supportive guidance and innovative content management. 



  • Quarterly Strategy Mapping

  • Team Project Management

  • Monthly/Weekly Zoom Calls to develop strategies and manage content calendars

  • Monthly/Weekly Zoom Calls to translate major and minor aspects in Tropical, Sidereal Heliocentric,Geocentric, Human Design and Gene Keys Charts

  • Unlimited email, Slack, and voice memo communication

Rainbow Saturn PNG Astrology Marketing Consulting Austin Texas

Stellar Insights

"As a business owner, working with Alli has prevented me from going down into a dark abyss. Knowing my chart has not only given me confirmation of who I am, but also why and when certain decisions should be made. Her guidance has been spot on and has enabled me to grow both personally and professionally.  Having her as my guide has been one of the best decisions I have made!"

Robin Hanover at Robin Hanover Consulting

"Alli's advice has always been extremely helpful. For over 4 years, she's been teaching me how to use astrology themes to help navigate my day to day life. Any time I'm feeling off balance, either mentally or physically, her knowledge helps me make sense of what my intuition is trying to tell me. Because of her guidance, I'm more confident in expressing myself, setting boundaries, and letting go of old beliefs. When in doubt, I always ask Alli the Sage for wisdom!" 

Dana Rasmussen at Dana Dame Visuals

Astrology Education

Ready to dive deep into studying astrology yourself?


Build foundations of power and purpose by anticipating cycles and patterns you'll encounter during this incarnation. Get a customized crash course in the basics of astrology and geometry to receive on-going wisdom directly from your own natal chart anytime. Learn how to decode your personal relationship to each planet and translate future transits through your unique lens. During this three-part, live, interactive, Zoom course, you’ll develop a personalized manual with step-by-step instructions on how to navigate your individual long-term self-study.


AstroFluency Course

 Master the Language

Learn Astrology Language Class Austin Texas Purple Gradient Chat Bubble.png

Class 1

1 Hour Zoom Call

  • Learn 12 basic archetypal dimensions and themes as expressed through zodiac sign, planet and house 

  • Learn how you perceive them based on your soul's unique blueprint

  • Zoom Recording

Learn Geometry

Compass Geometry Astrology Online Class Austin Texas Galactivation Business Solutions.png

Class 2

2 Hour Zoom Call

  • Apply themes to your natal chart geometry by learning squares, oppositions, conjunctions, trines and sextiles

  • Translate major aspects in tropical, sidereal, geocentric and heliocentric charts

  • Zoom Recording

Track the Transits

Astrology Calendar Gradient.png

Class 3

1 Hour Zoom Call

  • Create Customized Cycle Strategy to anticipate transits

  • Explore third party astrology apps and resources to track transits

  • Receive customized Dimension Cheat Sheet

  • Zoom Recording

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