Love Your Element

Having trouble clarifying your vision?

Feeling a bit fuzzy about your brand's direction?

Discover your inner compass with organic solutions.

The Four Elements of Organic Marketing


Blaze New Trails


Root For Yourself


Glide On the Wind


Ride the Wave

Promoting your services and products doesn't have to be a confusing, stressful experience. What if sharing your story felt nourishing, effortless and exciting?


Pave your business path by exploring the core elements of your being. Establish your brand foundation with inspiration from the forces of nature. Your brand is an expression of your divine gifts and the more you understand them in the 3D context, the easier it is to communicate their value.

With the options below, we'll take a deep dive into your zone of genius. We'll develop a custom brand strategy that feels authentic, easy, and playful for YOU. 

Marketing Exploration

Explore the results of your Marketing Element Quiz and become an abundance magnet!


In this one-hour power session, we'll discuss your primary marketing element in relation to your other three elements. We'll also create strategies to bring more balance and harmony to your business routine.


Discover your blind spots and the habits that restrict your growth. Receive an in-depth Element Report with clarity, guidance and action steps to transform your marketing practice. You'll soon look forward to marketing as a deeply restorative, nourishing, and super playful experience!

Brand Consulting

Not sure which direction to take next? Find your true north in the most creative way possible!


This 2-hour brand consultation is curated for new entrepreneurs or creators in transition to create a fresh brand foundation. Together we'll solidify your brand values, explore your Marketing Element, define your target and clarify your short-term and long-term goals.


We'll develop the best content strategy for your unique products and services. You'll walk away with total clarity and a compass to make aligned, nourishing, playful marketing decisions moving forward.


Consultation includes:

Narrative Character Archetype

Marketing Element Profile

Complete Brand Guide

Logo/Imagery Strategy

Website Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Financial Strategy

Elements Group Workshop

Learn the basic elements of branding to create a strong professional foundation. I'll guide your team through an interactive 45-minute presentation to explore The Four Elements of Marketing. We'll discuss brand archetypes and how to determine core values, brand mission, target customers and long-term goals. Participants can learn how to make better business decisions with confidence and clarity.


This experience is perfect for networking events or professional development training. Entrepreneurs, employees and job seekers can benefit from collective insight and collaboration.

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